Kenepuru Water Taxi

About Kenepuru Water Taxi

Pete has been coming to the Sounds since early 1960's, before finally moving here permanently in the late 1990's. He was involved in the pioneering days of the mussel farming in the 1970's and has since worked for several large mussel companies skippering their boats, maintaining farms, seeding and harvesting mussels. He also has his own marine farm.

There's a wide range of accommodation available in the Kenepuru Sound, from the humble tent site to luxury resorts. You can sit around and relax, or go out and explore. It's a paradise for artists and photographers,even when the weather is less than perfect. There's something to suit everyone.

Kenepuru 1

Kenepuru 1

Kenepuru 1 is a 7mm aluminum boat built in 2006, and is licensed for 10 passengers.

With Pete's vast knowledge and experience, he will be able to give you an insight into the Kenepuru Sound - a place of forever changing scenery and beauty.

Let Pete show you the many moods and interests of the Kenepuru Sound.

The Kenepuru Sound in Marlborough

Kenepuru Sound is the third largest of the four Sounds that make up the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island, New Zealand. The others are the Queen Charlotte, Pelorus and Mahau Sounds, but the Kenepuru Sound is where we live and work. This is home.

The Sounds are a series of drowned valleys formed millions of years ago. There are islands, big bays and tiny inlets, narrow points of land, steep hill sides, and some flat areas. Mt Stokes is the highest peak at 1203m (3948 feet) and is the only subalpine area within the Sounds. There is approximately 1200km of coastline within an area covering approximately 1000 sq km.

The scenery differs vastly from each area. High rocky outcrops and cliffs, steep windswept hillsides in the outer sounds, or as you progress into the Sounds the hills have been cleared for farming, some are still in native bush, and others are regenerating into native species. Pine plantations now cover large areas, mostly on previously farmed land. Houses are perched on the hillsides, or tucked away in little bays.

It's a unique area, and has been a tourist destination since the early 1900's, mainly for other New Zealanders. Now, it is being discovered by the world, offering a larger range of accommodation choices, but still retaining its special allure.

The Kenepuru is famous for its snapper fishing, boating and now the production of the green mussels (Perna canaliculus) from the many marine farms that are scattered along the coastline.