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Walking the Queen Charlotte Track
Walking the
Queen Charlotte Track

The world renowned Queen Charlotte Track runs along the ridge-line between the Queen Charlotte Sound and Kenepuru Sound. It's 71 km long and has spectacular views of both Sounds.

You can walk between Portage and Te Mahia for a day walk. It is 8km long and takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours. We can drop you off at either Portage or Te Mahia, then pick you up later, and return you to your accommodation. Or if you are at either Portage or Te Mahia already, you can either take the water taxi, and then you are able to amble back at your own pace. Otherwise, you can arrange with us to pick you up at a pre-arranged time to return you to your starting point.

Meals are available at Portage, and great pizza, cake and coffee at Te Mahia Resort.

If you aren't staying in the Kenepuru Sound, we can arrange to pick you up from Te Mahia or Portage wharf. Te Mahia is about 50 minutes from Havelock or 60 minutes from Picton by a scenic road. It is about 15 minutes extra to the Portage.

Breathtaking native bush along the Hopewell Loop Track
Breathtaking native bush
Hopewell Loop Track

A fabulous walk through a beautiful native reserve with large native trees and birds and much more takes you, via twists and turns, to breathtaking views over the Kenepuru Sound. It takes around 2 hours return. Pack your camera and a picnic and enjoy your day surrounded by nature. If you aren't staying in the Kenepuru Sound, we can arrange to pick you up from Te Mahia, Broughton Bay or Portage wharf.

Putanui Point - views and bush galore
Putanui Point
see the Mahau, Pelorus and Kenepuru Sounds

Putanui Point track goes from the Mahau Sound side of the point, up to the ridge. From here you can branch off and go out to the trig station at the end. From here there are views down the Pelorus Sound. Return to the junction and take the track down to the shore on the Kenepuru side. There is a DOC camp here with toilets.

It is advisable to wear good footwear, but the track is very well maintained and is not very steep or rough. It is about 5km long and takes 1 ½ hours walking, but take a bit longer to enjoy the views from out between the native trees, and look at the ferns, fungi, trees and listen to the birds singing.

There is a stand of Nikau palms on the Kenepuru side, and these are not very common around this area. The Mahua side is a magnificent stand of big birch trees, mosses, ferns, and other natives. Watch out for the wild orchids that are growing along the edge of the track. When the weather is nice, take your swimsuit, as the beaches on both sides, are quite nice, and a swim after walking may just be the thing to finish off your day, before being picked up to return to your start.

Bike or kayak around the Kenepuru Sound
Into biking or kayaking?

We can transport your cycles or kayaks at a place and time to be arranged, so you can discover the Kenepuru Sound at your own pace. If you are travelling with your kayaks or bikes there is no extra charge for them.

Cycling distances and times:
Drive to Te Mahia, and we can pick you up from here, or from the Portage wharf and drop you at one of the places below for you to ride back to your car or accommodation.
It's a 57km ride from the beginning of the Skiddaw Reserve to Te Mahia.

Skiddaw to Raetihi4km0:30not suitable for beginners
Raetihi to Waitaria Bay15km1:00Toilet at Waitaria Bay Hall
Waitaria Bay to Kenepuru Heads14km1:00Toilet & place for picnic lunch
Kenepuru Heads to Portage13km0:45Portage Resort available for meals etc.
Portage to Te Mahia11km0:45Coffee, pizza & cakes available at Te Mahia Resort